Super Memorial Day Meme 2008

Have you ever heard of a “meme”? If not, you’re likely not alone, and if you
have, well then you know the fun these can be to read. It’s the internet’s
version of helping readers to get to know a little more about the person who was
“memed”, and this time around, thanks to Mariana Wagner of Colorado Springs Real
and Laurie Manny of
Long Beach Real Estate
, I was ‘memed’. Dare I say ‘thank you
Mariana’and Laurie
?!? 😉

are two me-s in meme because it’s all about me. Meme’s are the perfect way to
let other bloggers know about you, let your audience know about you and get to
know and relate to other bloggers, expand your network and watch your sphere of
influence expand outwards. If you ever posed the question to yourself, “how many
degrees are between me and Kevin Bacon?” this is the way to find out.

I am asking 8 questions because when tipped over the number 8 is the
infinity symbol and that is totally geeky and 8 is my favorite number and it is
2008. Oh, how the stars have aligned!

OK – here are the eight questions, along with my answers:

1) Who is your favorite musical artist? (post a youtube

Gosh, I have a wide and varied taste in music! I love Island and Reggae
music, classical music is very soothing to me, I love the oldies – 60′ and 70’s,
I love the music the Celtic Woman sing. I like Celine Dion, UB40, Cat
Stevens, The Who, oh I could go on and on….but I won’t! 😉

This is a video of the Celtic Woman, and one of my favorite songs they do –
“Sail Away”. They have the most exquisite voices – I could listen to them for

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  1. Wow… you know I didn’t know the Man in the Mountain slid off?  Hmm… I can’t believe that- great piece of trivia!

    Thanks for playing along with this.

  2. There you are!!!  Now THAT’s what I’m talking about! a little
    inside info on Ann herself (and here I was giving Moni a hard time
    about you guys not doing your memes).  It’s like homework for the

    I am truly honored that you would consider me one of your favorite
    bloggers btw – thank you, thank you! but I think there’s plenty of
    better ones out there.

    (and Kinkade doesn’t surprise me at all)

  3. Sail Away … Awesome music choice . I love Celtic Women. SO COOL to know more about you, my friend!

  4. Ann, what a great meme!  I saw a PBS concert of Celtic Women
    and fell in love with them.  I am hoping that they’ll come to
    Pasadena one day for a concert.  Maybe, you can come out and visit
    then and we’ll see it together?  Would be majorly cool!

  5. Hey Ann, I imagine that if we were women in your area a couple of
    hundred years ago, they would have burned us all at the stake as
    witches, lol…  I have to believe the independant streak was
    there in other lives as well.  No time like the present for
    sure.  Loved the Celtic music, thanks.

  6. Ann,

    I agree, this was interesting. I already knew about the Old Man
    sliding away, and no, not my dad.  But I didn’t know about the
    coast of New Hampshire only being 17 miles and the smallest coastline
    in America.  I guess that would be cool if I was a jogger, who
    could jog 17 1/2 miles.

    Overall, thanks for sharing this and for tagging me. As you already
    know, I was tagged earlier. And it’s funny, you were one of the 8 that
    I was going to tag, but I figured that you were already tagged, even
    though this just started a few days ago. Knowing that you hang out with
    these other prolific bloggers, hence why I tried finding someone else.
    Just as I knew not to pick Ines or Brian Brady. But thanks for the


  7. Ann – Wow – loved learning more about you and must say Miamism is
    one of my favorites too! Ugh – Homework – I’m working on it – thanks
    for thinking of me girl!!

  8. Jason Sardi [Visitor] says:

    I love that this thing has started up again and it’s so cool to take
    a deeper gander into the person that is Ann Cummings!  Enjoy your
    week and I’m liking that Kinkade guy, I knew the name rang a bell

  9. judy tuscano [Visitor] says:

    Ann – You are so educated on the arts – I am impressed. It is nice
    to get to know a little more about you. Kinkade is one of my favorite
    painters too.

  10. Ann – I really like your Meme! I love the Celtic women..they don’t
    sound real sometimes! Very relaxing! Laurie’s funny about you all being
    burned at the stake! LOL

  11. Ann, It seems we actually have many things in common…..I remember
    buying 2 tickets for $200 to go see the Celtic Women in Griffith
    Park……it was absolutely beautiful.  And one of the listings I
    have right now the owner collected Kinkade….I haven’t seen that many
    expcept in the couple Kinkade shops I’ve been to.  I love his work

    Anyway, nice….thanks.

  12. It’s taken me almost as long to find and follow the meme chain as it
    did to post my meme.   The Old Man reminds me of the
    Reclining Lady we have on our mountain top.   Problem is you
    can only see her if you are boating.  She won’t be sliding
    anywhere unless we have a massive earthquake.  Much more famous,
    at least to us on the west coast, are the Three Lions.  Of course,
    everything in the city is named after them including the
    suspension bridge that allows passage to that side of the inlet. 
    No doubt you will see these views on TV when the 2010 Winter Olympics
    take place.  Nice chatting and thanks for stopping by my way.

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