Portsmouth Sellers – How is YOUR Property Being Represented?

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Here in my areas of Portsmouth and the Seacoast towns of New Hampshire
and southern Maine, we still show our own listings about 80-90% of
the time.  

We know there are many parts of the country that don’t do assisted
or accompanied  showings, but most of us that work in this area
still consider that part of our job for our seller-clients.



Some time ago, I was showing property to a new set of buyer clients – a
wonderful young couple who will be buying their first home here in
Portsmouth NH.  We had exchanged phone calls, had our buyer
counselling appointment, and then met to sign the Buyer Agency
Contract before heading out for our first showings.  They had been
well-prepared for the home-buying process, showings, etc.

We showed up at our very first showing, and the listing agent was
already there.  She greeted us and invited us into the
house.  Then she just stood there looking at us, which was
exceedingly uncomfortable.  I took it upon myself to ask her if
she wanted to show us through the house or should we just go through on
our own.  She told us to go through on our own. 

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  1. Jay McGillicuddy [Visitor] says:

    I crack up all the time when I go to show a property and the
    listing agent has no clue to any of the questions my buyers ask or I
    ask. Buyers just look at me and smirk.

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