Portsmouth NH Real Estate – Tips for Winter Weather Showings

Snow-Covered Backyard - Portsmouth NH
Portsmouth New Hampshire homeowners work hard to get
their homes ready for showings, and they know what we’ve been dealing with this
winter for weather, and yes, it’s snowing yet AGAIN here today!

If you have your home or condo on the market for sale, you’re faced with
the challenges of dealing with snow, ice and slushy messes while trying to keep
your floors clean for showings.  It’s certainly not easy, that’s for sure!


Here are some quick and easy tips to help keep the messes outside and not
inside on your floors:

  • Keep walkways, steps, patios, decks and driveways clear of snow and
    – this takes some work, but it does 2 major things for you, 1) it
    helps to keep the winter messiness out of your house because there’s nothing to
    track in, and 2) it helps to decrease your liability because there will be fewer
    slips and falls if driveways and walkways are kept clear.

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