Portsmouth New Hampshire Real Estate – Inspections Before Selling Pay Off

Portsmouth NH Real Estate For Sale

Home Inspector Preparing Report
Are you a homeowner in the Portsmouth NH Seacoast
real estate market
?  Are you thinking about selling your home
or condo

If you are, I would encourage you to have home inspections
done before putting your home on the market.

Why?  There are a number of good reasons to do so! 

The first, and the most important ,reason is so you can know in advance what
inspectors will be finding and telling your potential buyers.  Forewarned is
forearmed, and in this case, that’s a GREAT thing!  There is no perfect house,
not even new construction, so just know right up front that a home inspector is
going to find something, and most likely several somethings at the very

Knowing about problems before putting Portsmouth homes and
 on the market for sale, provides you the opportunity to address
those items before they ever become an issue.  If the issues that an inspection
reveals are minor in nature, you’re better off taking care of them right away so
they won’t become an issue in the buyer’s inspection.  Major issues revealed are
also best taken care of as well because many buyers are not interested, nor do
they have the wherewithal to take care of major problems.  Those also tend to
scare away more homebuyers as well. 

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