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We Buy Houses Cheap!!

Have you ever seen the signs on the side of the road at
intersections or nailed to telephone poles about buying real estate – homes –

How about those ads in tabloid-type papers and magazines at store
entrances?  Or those spam-type ads you see in emails and various websites? 
Send us your real estate information and well send you an offer!’ –
ever see those kinds of ads?

I know I see them all over the
place, and that may be because Im a New Hampshire and Maine
REALTOR, and just naturally pick up on those kinds of things.  And
I always cringe when I see them because I know what they really mean – those
people generally, not all but most, try to take advantage of a real estate
owners distressed situation and their real need to sell.  Discount

1-800-We-Buy-Houses CHEAP!!
Well, I happened upon an article (an ad) just like one of those
this past week that seemed like it had a little more credence than most I see. 
It seemed a little more legitimate than some, so I thought Id mention it to one
of my sellers who had hired me to market and sell his Portsmouth NH condo.  I utilize all kinds of
marketing and ways to get the word out about the listings Ive been hired to
sell, and I thought this might be one more way to try to help my seller.

I sent him the article (ad) and asked him if he was interested in seeing what
these ˜buyers might be willing to pay for Portsmouth condos
He was game and said ‘lets send them my property info’, so we did just

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  1. Ann,

    Can’t say that I’m really surprised at the lack of response. 
    I’m guessing that the person who made the offer would prefer to deal
    with people who don’t have an agent representing the
    seller’s interests.  Generally the people who make these
    offers would prefer to deal with someone who is a bit naive rather then
    someone who has an agent or an attorney representing them.

  2. Ann-

    Now THIS is good blogging.  This exposes a weakness in an advertised offering and attacks the performance of that offer.

    Nice work

  3. I always understood why these ads were so tempting to people; it’s
    been a few years since I looked into what one local company offered
    here; at the time it was about 33% of market value. I’m not sure how
    the figures match up here now since foreclosure issue has reared it’s
    head.  But for sure, the old adage, if it sounds too good to be
    true it probably is so be really careful, applies here.

    I can’t believe you never heard anything back Ann – geesh!

  4. Ann- This is – BY FAR – one of the best posts I have read in a long
    time. There are so many facets to the so-called-investors that home
    sellers do not know about.

    Unfortunately, it is these so-called “investors” that wind up
    screwing up more people’s lives than any real estate agent could – when
    it comes to buying and selling a propery.

  5. One of my sellers decided to talk to one of these “We buy ugly
    houses” folks.  They did get an offer.  It was SO LOW my
    seller laughed at him. I listed and sold the house within a few weeks
    for $75,000 more than the offer.


    I guess if people are totally desparate it might be a good
    deal.  Not everyone is price sensitive, some people just want out
    so bad, money doesn’t matter.


    Of course those folks are the minority of the minority! 🙂



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