Portsmouth New Hampshire Real Estate – It’s More Than Paychecks!

Beautiful Gift of Roses
The rewards that most people think of when selling real
estate in Portsnouth NH
, or anywhere for that matter, are the
paychecks we receive when we have a successful closing.  What many who aren’t in
the real estate profession don’t realize is that there are some wonderful
PRICELESS rewards we reap as well. 

There are all the wonderful friendships that are made, the great joy of
finding that perfect home for people, the sense of pride in helping
first-time buyers into their first home that they may have
thought to be unattainable, and so much else that just can’t be measured in
dollars and cents.

A while back, I worked with a wonderful young couple who got engaged while we
were looking for their first home.  They were sharp, on the ball, smart, and
both have a fabulous sense of humor.  We met at one of my listings that they’d
found on my website.  I showed them through the house, having fun while doing
so, and as the showing ended, they let me know that this just wasn’t the house
for them.  They then asked what the process was for buying a
, so we chatted for a bit, and then in the middle of me telling
them about the home-buying process, he said, “We already
know we like you, and we want to know if we can work with you”
.  Just
like that, they wanted to know if THEY could work with ME.  They told me they
knew I would be a big help to them if I would please work with them.  And they
said I was “fun”.  FUN? You bet!

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