New Hampshire’s Real Estate Market – 2007

Live Free or Die - NH Granite MarkerWe
all know that the real estate markets in many areas of the country have
been less-than-hot over the last year and a half to two years.

In spite of that, there are also areas in the country that didn’t
see the turbulent ups and downs that many markets experienced.
The east and west coasts saw more of the swings than did the middle
part of the country, and even within those areas, there were pockets
that saw just the opposite.

And yet, in spite of real estate being very local, the media would
have us all believe there is such a thing as a ‘national real estate
market’.  NOT! If that were the
case, we’d all be high-flying at the same time, as well as flying low
at the same time, too.  That just doesn’t happen, and will never

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  1. moni [Visitor] says:

    It’s been pretty busy in my area…3 offers in the last week. We’ve
    seen many multiple offer situations lately and pricing is the key.

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