Portsmouth NH Homes – The Art of Living in Small Spaces

The Art of Living in a Small Space in Portsmouth New Hampshire

Need to use every cubic inch?

Tired of taking care of a large home?

Down Sizing?

Buying a
home in Long Beach California
means paying a higher price and living in
smaller spaces; this is also true in the Seacoast areas of Maine
and New Hampshire when buying a home or condo in Portsmouth
Baby boomers are entering their senior years
and are searching for smaller spaces to care for and single story
homes.  They are seeking smaller but elegant spaces.  Living
in a smaller space has its challenges
but that doesn’t necessarily mean that ones style of living needs to

Living in a small space certainly
has its challenges and rewards.  A small
mess in a large home is a huge mess in small space.  One needs to be a neat freak in small

Counter tops need to be kept clear since space is at a
minimum; attach those appliances to the underside of your cabinets.  Don’t underestimate the amount of storage you
need. An entire wall of closets, cabinets and drawers can go a long way.

Portsmouth NH Homes - Living in Small Spaces - Staircase Drawers

Here are some helpful hints for your small space in your Portsmouth NH home or condo:

  • Use
    empty space under staircases.  Steps
    can become drawers.
  • Don’t
    buy a lot of stuff you don’t need.
  • Reduce
  • Use
    every square inch of your space wisely.
  • Build
    your kitchen cabinets to the ceiling.
  • Replace
    the large bulky fridge with an under
    counter model
  • Use
    the space at the top of your closet, all the way to the ceiling.
  • A platform
    bed with drawers
    will provide badly needed storage. Or use under bed
    and vacuum seal
    storage bags
    to store unused items.
  • Store
    out of season clothing in unused luggage.
  • Pocket doors don’t take up the
    space a regular door does.
  • Over
    door spaces are wasted.  Add
  • Turn a
    door into a bookcase
  • Use dramatic
    and wall
    pointing up.  Have
    lighting options, lighting makes a big difference.
  • Glass doors
    pass light through and make spaces feel larger.
  • A combo washer/dryer will save
    space and can be placed under a countertop in a bath or kitchen.
  • Find
    the highest use for your electronic equipment.  Build in TV & Stereo, or get rid of
    them and the bulky computer terminal; replace them with a top of the line
    laptop and stream your TV and music through it.
  • Use
    soft, light colors they open up small spaces.
  • Use
    lots of mirrors,
    they double light as well as opening up small spaces.

Portsmouth NH Homes - Small Spaces Wall Sconce

Small spaces save lots of money on construction, heating,
a/c and furnishing.  Smaller square
footage means smaller property tax bills.  And who doesn’t like a smaller Portsmouth NH real estate property tax bill??

Authored by: Laurie Manny of Long Beach
California Real Estate
Thank you Laurie!

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