Portsmouth NH Home Buyers – Interest Rates at 3-Year Low!

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New England Style Home with Wrap-Around Porch Made of Money

We’ve all heard the latest news about the Federal Reserve dropping rates by 75 basis points. And I know
there are plenty of home-buyers out there wondering just what that means to them
at this point.

Interest rates are now the lowest they’ve been in the last three years –
how great is that??!!?

Plenty of buyers have been trying to time the market, and that is a VERY
difficult thing to do. Are the prices going down more, will the interest rates
go down any more – what should I do…these are things we know buyers are
thinking right now because we get the phone calls and emails asking just

The plain and simple answer is – we just don’t know! We can make predictions
based on facts and figures from the last few months, and those can indicate
trends. But at best, those are educated guesses.

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