Historic Antique Homes Vs. OLD Homes

Old castle

In case you don’t know, here in Portsmouth NH, we have
quite a few antique and historic homes, and the vast majority of them
are still being lived in.  Some of the larger antique homes have
been converted into condos, but most of the historic homes are still single family homes. 


Years ago, probably back in the mid 1980’s or
thereabouts, I was working with a buyer who was moving up here to
Portsmouth New Hampshire from somewhere in Texas.  I can’t recall
exactly where in Texas, but somewhere that was much “younger” then most
of New England is.

She and I had spoken on the phone a number of times about her trip up
here, what she was looking for in a home here, etc.   She
wanted to be close to downtown, near the water, and she told me several
times how much she really just loved old and older homes.


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