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Buy Now!

FINALLY!!!  After all this time, I finally heard it on one of the MAJOR network news shows yesterday morning!!

BUY NOW – if you’re a buyer in the real estate market, ‘the time to buy is NOW’!!!  

 Good Morning America

Yes, I heard this pronouncement yesterday morning on “Good Morning America“, and their financial contributor, Mellody Hobson, stated this emphatically yesterday.  They were discussing the current ‘mortgage crisis’, and how to survive it, when the questioning turned to what advantages there may be in this market.  

Be sure to click on the video in the link above to watch the actual interview – “Can You Profit From the Mortgage Market“.  This is where she talks about why now is a great time to be buying real estate.

Without skipping a beat, Mellody Hobson smiled and said that this a great time to be a buyer and that there is no better time than NOW to get into the market.  

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