House for SaleI
was working with a great young couple a few months ago, and
they were looking to buy a new home for their soon-to-be growing
family.  After meeting with them for a buyer consultation, we
began emailing them listings on homes for them to look
through that had the potential to meet their needs. 

They would drive by those homes that sounded appealing to them, and
from there, they’d let me know which ones looked interesting enough to
see the inside.  They picked out a few homes they wanted
to see, so we we ended up with 3 in one of the towns in the
surrounding areas around Portsmouth New Hampshire.  We chose a day and time to meet up, and I went to work making the arrangements for the showings.


In the process of getting the listing agents’ contact information on
each of these houses that they wanted to see, I came upon the
instructions on one of them to deal directly with the seller instead of
the agent.  What?  Ugh!  Sure enough, when I pulled up
the full internal MLS sheet, there were these instructions, Please
contact Owner directly at 603-xxx-xxxx for showings, property
information, negotiations and closing without the participation
of XXXX Real Estate

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