North Hampton NH Homes | Real Estate Market 2007 Recap

North Hampton NH Homes | North Hampton NH Real Estate

North Hampton NH Town Offices Building - Ann Cummings 2007
North Hampton New Hampshire saw some really
interesting activity in the real estate market in 2007. 

Homes on the market were down slightly over 2006, however sales of North
Hampton homes was up a good amount.  The average sales price in 2007 increased
by a sizable amount as well.

This information is just further proof that all real estate is local, and that the media that continues to
harp on a ‘national real estate market’ really need to get a clue and understand
that there is NO SUCH THING

It’s really very important for consumers to speak to a local real
estate expert
, and disregard the broad brush the news continues to
paint all of us with.  We have great news in the real estate industry right here
in our own backyard!

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