Greenland NH Homes Condos | 2007 Real Estate Market Recap

Greenland NH Homes | Greenland NH Condos

Greenland NH Antique Colonial Style Twin-Chimney Home - Ann Cummings 2007
Greenland NH real estate activity for this past year,
2007, remained about the same as in 2006.

There were a few less properties for sale and yet a few more that sold in
2007. The average sales price went down a little in 2007, however the days on
the market shortened up a bit.

That sounds to me like the real estate market in Greenland was fairly
stable last year!

With this kind of information readily available, it’s just further proof that
all real estate is local, and that the media that continues to
harp on a ‘national real estate market’ really need to get a clue and understand
that there is NO SUCH THING. There really is also
no such thing as a ‘regional market’ either.
In Rockingham County alone,
the market varies greatly from here in the Seacoast to just 15-20 minutes

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