Rye New Hampshire – A Slice of Seacoast Serenity

Town of Rye Logo

WELCOME to Rye New Hampshire!!   Rye is a pretty little town right on the coastline of New Hampshire

Our coast is only about 16 miles long, from the Massachusetts border to the Maine border.  And Rye is one of our five NH towns right on the ocean!  Of the 16 mile long coastline we have, Rye covers 8 of those miles.


Rye was first settled in 1623, and was actually the first settlement in the state.  Rye
was named for the small borough of Rye on the English
Channel.  The current population is about 6,000 residents, with
the average age of Rye residents being in their late 40’s.

Rye Coast

Although New England, including New Hampshire, has mostly rocky coastlines, Rye has some beautiful sandy beaches – Wallis Sands and Jenness Beach are 2 of them. 


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