Tall Ships Are Coming to Portsmouth New Hampshire!!

Tall Ships Coming to Portsmouth NH

Have you ever seen any of the majestic Tall Ships that visit various ports around the world?  If you lived in Portsmouth New Hampshire,
you would have seen at least one every year.   Once a year
for the last 10 – 12 years, at least one Tall Ship has sailed into
Portsmouth Harbor to the delight of area residents!

This year, we’re lucky enough to have THREE sailing into Portsmouth!! 
These ships are just absolutely beautiful when you see them in person –
pictures just really never do them justice once you’ve seen any of them
up close and in person.

The ships coming to visit Portsmouth will be here July 6, 7 and 8, and will be docked at the State Pier on Market Street in the downtown area.   These ships represent three different classes of sailing vessels.


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