Portsmouth NH Schools – Reading, Writing, Math, and More!


Portsmouth School Dept. Logo  “The
purpose of the Portsmouth schools is to educate all students by
challenging them to become thinking, responsible, contributing citizens
who continue to learn throughout their lives.”

This is the motto of the Portsmouth School Department, and they really do live and breathe their motto.  Our Superintendent of Schools here in Portsmouth is Robert (Bob) Lister,
and he is probably one of the most accessible and caring people you
could ever want to talk to if you’re interested in learning about our

I have clients who moved here a few months ago, and they wanted to know all they could about our schools
I gave them his name and contact info, and they were so pleased with
being able to speak directly to him, and with all the information he
not only shared over the phone with them, but also the information he
took the time to email and mail to them.

Portsmouth is served by three elementary schools, all of which are very
good schools.  Which school kids go to is determined by geographic
locations within the town.  To see which areas of town are served
by which elementary schools, you can check out the Portsmouth Elementary School District Map.


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