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I am delighted and honored Ann asked me to post on her blog.
She does such a fabulous job painting a visual picture of the NH/Maine Seacoast
through her words and photos and I always enjoy the trip down memory lane
I get when I read it.

I spent my college years in Boston and the weekends (most) exploring
the coast.  And very often that meant spending time in New Hampshire. Back in the day, Portsmouth was my favorite New Hampshire haunt.  Walking along the NH Seacoast,
eating at the Blue Strawberry (do any of you remember it?) and taking in the
old world character of the city of Portsmouth NH.

I started thinking about what would draw me to New Hampshire and I realized it’s two things: the natural beauty and the vast array of
things to do to enjoy it, and the high technology aspect of Southern
New Hampshire
.  These are probably two good reasons why buying
a home
and settling into the Seacoast area is a great

I always think of people analyzing neighborhoods and cities
to determine where they want to live and why.  Jobs and things to do that enrich the quality of
their non-working hours has to be high on the list.  As I sit in my Mid-Atlantic
Cleveland home typing this I realize the Portsmouth
NH area
has what many of us refer to as that ‘What do they want?‘ sense
of place.
This article from (of all places) The Union of
Concerned Scientists website
gives several definitions of the term and the Portsmouth area has this
in spades.

When I was a student in the ’70s we read a lot about the
technology boom in southern New
Hampshire.  It seemed to be the place to be if you
were not in Silicon Valley on the West Coast.  Here
is an article by The New Hampshire Business Review
, written in November of
2007 showing this identification with technology, while going through some
changes in the past 3 decades, is still very strong.  This
article by Anita Becker
discusses Portsmouth,
Exeter and general Seacoast
area business very well.  Here is an excerpt:

“….Its proximity
to Boston, good
road networks, proximity to four airports, safe communities, good schools,
relaxed pace of life, tourism activities, lack of income and sales taxes, and
active cultural and arts community have lured more and more people to the area
over the past 10 years…”

Since my branding
New Hampshire as a high technology hub started with reading the Boston Globe articles about it, I was delighted to see this
Boston Globe article written by Carolyn Johnson
about the same thing, and
here we are, three decades later.  It talks about how a high powered guy who got
his start (and money!) by working for Pay Pal and LinkedIN wound up in New
England as a venture capitalist and how New Hampshire is positioning herself to
be an high technology entrepreneurial hub.

Portsmouth NH Downtown River

I mean, here I am
in NE Ohio and don’t get me wrong, I love it
here.  The iron bridges and the manufacturing industries with their big
smokestacks, the natural beauty of Lake Erie,
that all got into my blood and stayed.  I came back here at the end of the ’90s
and am very happy.  But what we are scrambling to do here, you guys have already
done.  We are still in the throes of converting to high technology as a strong
job base.  You are already there!  The Portsmouth
NH area is a fabulous place to live and work
, at least to this outsider with fond
memories of your area.

Thanks for letting me stop by….Carole

Thank you Carole!

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