Portsmouth NH Old Schools ~ Beautiful Condos!

Here in Portsmouth New Hampshire, we have many fabulous old, as in really OLD,
homes and buildings that are just full of history.  Many of the
historic antique homes are still being lived in. 
They’ve been restored over time and are just exquisite homes. 

Some of these homes in Portsmouth date back as far as the 1600’s.

Old House          Old House 2          Old House 3   

We are also fortunate to have some beautiful old schools scattered around town as well as all these gorgeous historical homes
Some of the older ones sat empty and unused for many years, beautiful
inside and out, testaments to generations of students a century and a
half ago and more.  Gorgeous brick buildings, huge windows,
gorgeous woodwork throughout……….sometimes when you go through the
doors, you can almost picture the kids of many Old Portsmouth Families
running through the door and out into the yard………

Several of these beauties have been given new life in the form of gorgeous condos.

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