Portsmouth NH Homes – Summer Safety Tips for Dogs (and their owners)

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs (and their owners!)

Summer is here in Portsmouth NH, and so are the warmer days.  Warmer days are great
for humans, but can be a stressful time for our fur-covered friends.  In fact, it
has been said that winter is a dog’s summer.


As a
homeowner in Portsmouth NH, there
are some things you should remember for your dog at home this summer:

  • Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh, cool water to drink
    at any point in the day.
  • If your
    dog is out in the yard for most of the day, be sure to provide lots of shade
    from the sun, shelter from any sudden storms and a couple sources of water (in
    case one bowl gets knocked over.Save your daily walks for early in the morning or later in the evening.
    Dogs do not need to romping around in the mid-day heat.


you are out and about in Portsmouth
with your dog, make sure you:

  • NEVER leave your dog in the car without you – even with the
    windows open. The heat can build up incredibly fast, and cause the temperature
    to be over 40 degrees HOTTER in the car than it is outside.
  • Teach your water-loving dog how to get out of any pools that
    they may jump in. If your dog jumps into a pool that they have never been in,
    they may get confused and not know how to get back out.
  • Keep track of your dog when you are at the beach. Dogs love
    to explore and can get lost as easily as a small child in some cases.

Portsmouth NH Dog Park

And while you’re out and about around Portsmouth, be sure to check out our great Dog Park!  If you already call Portsmouth home, you know what a pet-friendly town
we live in.  And if you’re new to Portsmouth or here for a visit,
you’ll see just how friendly, pet-wise and otherwise, Portsmouth really

is a great time to be outside enjoying all that Portsmouth NH and have fun with your
dog.  Just make sure that your dog is having fun too!

For more information on
safety tips for dogs (and their owners) please visit: www.Barkbusters.com

Thanks Mariana!

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    Good Article,

    With our busy lives, we often forget our furry friends. Good reminder.

    Leaving them in the car on a hot day even with windows open, can be deadly

    for the little guys.

  2. Cindy DiCianni [Visitor] says:

    Now that the dog days of summer have arrived, so many forget it’s so
    hot for our furry friends!  good suggestions as a reminder!

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