Portsmouth NH Area Fun For Super Bowl Sunday!

Patriots Football

Are You Ready For Some

Do you love football?  Are you a New England Patriots fan?

If you live in the Portsmouth NH area and are looking for some Super Bowl
fun for this coming game on Sunday, Feb 3rd, there are lots of options for you! 
How great is that?!?!?

I read an article recently that was talking about the cost going to the Super
Bowl this year, and they compared that cost with the cost of the median home in
some states back in 2000, per the US census.  That median price was $133,000. 
Did you know that you, and 9 of your closest dearest friends could go to the
Super Bowl this year, and watch the game in style in one of the luxury boxes for
just a mere $30,000 more? 

A little too rich for your pocketbook?  It certainly is for mine!  Another
article I read said that you could find, if you were lucky, tickets for seats on
the 50-yard line for $8,500 to close to $20,000, or end-zone tickets for about
$5,000 each.  Hmmm, that’s still pretty steep for most people, including me.

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