Snow Covered Trees - Portsmouth NH - Ann Cummings 2007

had a beautiful fluffy snow fall yesterday here in Portsmouth New Hampshire, and
I thought I would share some pictures I took just walking around my yard.

The magical beauty of freshly fallen snow really has to be experienced in

The peaceful quiet and calm stillness that you feel in a fresh snow just
can’t be captured in pictures, and nor can the real beauty of what I really see
when I look at through my eyes instead of through the camera.

Snowy Branches Reaching Toward My House - Portsmouth NH - Ann Cummings 2007My Snowy Side Yard - Portsmouth NH - Ann Cummings 2007

To see the fluffy white snow coating all these trees and branches is really
just beautiful. It stays looking like that until either a wind comes along and
blows it off or until the temperature rises and it all starts melting. But
until then, it’s just beautiful to look at!

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  1. ines [Visitor] says:

    OK Ann – you have heard them from me before – it goes “BRRRrrrr, Brrrr,
    and brrrr”. But Portsmouth sure looks pretty in the winter!

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