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New Hampshires Beloved Old Man of the Mountains

NH Old Man of the Mountains

Sunday, I usually do my ˜Seacoast
Sunday Scenes
post, but today, I wanted to pay tribute to New Hampshires
beloved state logo – our ˜Old Man of the

Five years ago yesterday, May 3rd, the rock formations that created
the ˜Old Man of the Mountains profile slid into
history and fell at the basin of Cannon mountain.  Sometime between midnight and
about 2-3am on the morning of May 3, 2003, he slid down the slopes, and when the
fog lifted that morning, he was really gone.

It may seem trivial to some, but for those who make New Hampshire their home or who came to
love our ˜Old Man in the Mountains
on their visits to NH, this came as a total shock to those who
cherished him.  Many remember just where they were when the got
the news that wed lost our Old Man, just as they do when JFK was shot
or Martin Luther King was shot, or when the terrible events of
9-11-2001 took place.  Obviously this was nowhere near as tragic
as those events, but momentous to New Hampshire lovers all the same.

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