Portsmouth NH – An Historical Weekend with FOUR Tall Ships!

Tall Ships in the Fog in Portsmouth Harbor - July 6, 2007 - Ann Cummings 
This past weekend here in Portsmouth New Hampshire, we were fortunate to see history in the making.  Never before, in at least 100 years, has there ever been more than one Tall Ship in our port at any one time.  

This past weekend, for THREE whole days, we had the pure pleasure of FOUR of these magnificent beauties in the Port City, tied up at our State Pier.
Pride of Baltimore II - Ann Cummings


The four Tall Ships that graced us with their presence were:  The Pride of Baltimore II, The Prince William, The Spirit of Bermuda, and The Urania
And they were a complete joy to see come
into Portsmouth Harbor Friday morning around 9:30am, and all
weekend long tied up right in downtown Portsmouth.  

A beautiful sight to behold for sure!

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