New Hampshire Primary Results – The “Comeback State”

NH Live Free or Die
It’s Wednesday morning, the morning after the New Hampshire
First in the Nation Primary” – I am GLAD that’s over!  Being a
registered Independent in the state of NH
isn’t a lot of fun, at least not for

NH, with a little over a million residents, had a record turnout yesterday
for the primary elections.  We had over 500,000 voters show up at the
to cast their vote for the person they think should be the next
US President.

Some of the polling places ran out of ballots, there was such a high turnout,
and some others ran low.  Some polling places stayed open later than publicized
hours because the lines were so long.
The concession speeches last night were gracious and the victory speeches
were dynamic and energetic.  And now all the candidates have moved on to the
next states on the primary and caucus schedules.

The results from New Hampshire’s Primary, with a few locations still left to
report in as of 6:30am, are:
McCain       38%
Clinton       40%

Obama       37%

Edwards    17%

Richards      5%

8%                      Kucinich
Thompson   1%

New Hampshire has been called the “Comeback State” in the
past, and once again, we’ve proven to be very independent in our thinking and
have given both John McCain and Hillary Clinton comeback victories in our state

When the primaries are in your state, make sure to exercise your right
and privilege, and get out there and vote!

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