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Lighthouse Beacon 
Love lighthouses?  Love being at
sea?  Have we got a great fun adventure coming up for those
who love lighthouses!!

National Lighthouse Day, August 7th, is being marked here in Portsmouth New Hampshire by daytime sightseeing cruises starting on August 1st and going through August 7th.  How cool is that??

We have a local cruise company here in Portsmouth, the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company, that offers cruises all summer long.  To mark National Lighthouse Day this year, they’re teaming up with Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouses to raise money for the American Lighthouse Foundation.

Lighthouse at White Island - Isles of Shoals New Hampshire

You’ll get to cruise around THREE Portsmouth Harbor area lighthouses.  How fun that’s going to be – THREE of our lighthouses here in Portsmouth New Hampshire are going to be part of this fun way to mark National Lighthouse Day this year!!

The 3 lighthouses you’ll see on these cruises are Whaleback Lighthouse, Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse,and White Island Lighthouse
In addition to seeing these wonderful historical lighthouses, you’ll
get to spend several hours at sea, and enjoy the views of our great
coastline.   What a great treat this will be! 

White Island Lighthouse is located out at the Isles of Shoals, a cluster of islands several miles off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine.  Whaleback is actually located in Kittery Maine. 

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse - New Castle NH


Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, also known as New Castle Lighthouse, is actually in New Castle NH.   Portsmouth Harbor Light played a big role in the early Colonial days, and has gone through many transformations over time.

Isles of Shoals Steamship Company - Ann Cummings 2007

The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company is located in downtown Portsmouth NH.  Check out their website for more details on these cruises.

C’mon aboard for a fun trip around Portsmouth Harbor and check out a bit of our local history in these wonderful old lighthouses!


We have so much to offer here in Portsmouth NH!  I love living here, and I know you’ll enjoy it, too! 

Come for a visit – you’ll want to make this wonderful area your home

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