Exeter New Hampshire – An Architectural Beauty in Our Midst

First I want to thank Ann Cummings for letting me be a guest
author in her Portsmouth, New Hampshire Real Estate Blog – it’s
an honor and hope to bring a different perspective to everyone reading.

I am always interested in researching what architecturally relevant
buildings there are in different places around the US.
When asked to guest blog I found none other than the Phillips Exeter Library
designed by one of my favorite architects Louis Kahn …and it’s in Exeter, New
Hampshire! (Ok….maybe not in Portsmouth, and don’t know how far, but
definitely worth the drive).

Exeter Library NH

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For you locals, this may not be a big deal and not think
much of it. Well…..let me first tell you
that you are extremely lucky. Louis Kahn
was one of the architectural
master minds of all times

“Kahn’s architecture
is notable for its simple, platonic forms and compositions. Through the use of
brick and poured-in place concrete masonry, he developed a contemporary and
monumental architecture that maintained a sympathy for the site. While rooted
in the International Style, Kahn’s architecture was an amalgam of his Beaux
Arts education and a personal aesthetic impulse to develop his own
architectural forms.”

Although you many still not think much of it, all I ask is
that you visit the library with a different eye now that you have read
this. To the untrained eye, the Phillips Exeter Library may look like a
boxy brick building…..but look closely.
From the entrance, to the transitions, to how the windows frame the
view, to the use of wood and concrete, the geometric shapes and the use of
natural light. You have a monument in
your back yard, now I have to make a special trip to visit Ann.

Now ask me how you can apply this knowledge to New Hampshire Real Estate? Simple…..if
you are relocating to New Hampshire know that there is
historical and very relevant architecture there and you should not expect cookie cutter homes. If you are selling a New Hampshire home, know that people pay
attention to details and make sure you stage, prepare and also point out
important architectural features that may set you apart from other sellers.

Ines Hegedus-Garcia


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