Portsmouth New Hamsphire Real Estate Owners – 10 Tips to Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure

Home and Money
Do you own real estate in Portsmouth NH or
in the Seacoast area
?  Are you having difficulty making ends meet?  We
all know times are a bit tough for many people lately, and it’s difficult making
all the payments you need to. 

I just read an article put out by the American Homeowners Foundation,
entitled “Top 10 Foreclosure Avoidance Tips”.  These tips are great for
those needing help now, and for anyone down the road that may find themselves
needing this kind of help.

Some of the tips they list are:

  • 1)  Don’t ignore the problem
  • 2)  Contact a HUD approved local nonprofit counseling agency for
    programs to help you
  • 3)  Find out what your home is worth so you know how much equity you
    have in it
  • 4)  Stay away from companies that charge you a fee for mortgage
  • 5)  Know your mortgage rights

These are just some of the tips they’ve listed, and on their site that I’ve
linked to above, they go into detail on each of the tips about why that advice
and how to do what they’re suggesting.  There’s some very helpful information in
their article, as well as on their website, American Homeowners.

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