US Companies Failing At Customer Service BIG Time!

I don’t usually use my real estate blog to rant about things, but today that’s just what I’m doing. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

This week, in just the last 3 days, I’ve had the ‘opportunity’, and I lose that word quite loosely, of having to try to get some customer service from 2 companies.  The first company was one that I thought was local, LOCAL, like right here.  Until recently, I had always been able to make a call, get a real person to talk to and then be transferred to another person in the office here in Portsmouth NH.  Not anymore!

I dialed their phone number, got the same person who always answered, and then was transferred to the ‘department’ that was going to help me.  When the person came on the phone, I could tell right away I had ended up off-shore somewhere.  I asked the person on the other end of the phone where they were, and that confirmed what I suspected.


The second ‘opportunity” was just today, which set me off on this post.  I had purchased a major appliance earlier this year, and have had need to have repair technicians come out several times to get it to work properly.  Well, once again it’s not functioning properly so I called to schedule a service call.  They were supposed to come out today, sometime between 1pm and 5pm.  Yep, that infamous time window – you know full well they can narrow that down a bit more, but they don’t even try.  Anyway, 5pm came and went, and no service person.  At 6:15pm, I called the service line, asking when the technician might be showing up, if at all.  Lo and behold, I found I had traveled time zones and countries to another off-shore servicing center.

Why does that continue to happen?  Do American companies think that’s better servicing for their consumers?  No doubt it’s cheaper for them, and it undoubtedly provides jobs in the off-shore countries.  But at what cost?


When you try to get help from those so-called ‘service centers’, they really can’t help you at all.  If you ask something that isn’t on their script, they’re lost.  They go right back to repeating their script, and that’s just flat useless to me, the consumer on the other end of the phone trying to get help regarding the product I plunked a lot of money out for. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I wish there was some way that would allow you to know in advance that the ‘service center’ for whatever company you’re thinking about doing business with is here or ‘over there somewhere’.  If I could know that in advance, I would think long and hard about whether I really wanted to buy that product or those services from that company, or not.


In real estate, we’re all abuzz about transparency.  How about the same thing in the general marketplace of regular goods?  I think that’s only fair and right – for my money, I want to know who’s going to help me when/if I need help, and what kind of rigmarole (sp?) I’m going to have to go through just to reach someone who really can help me.

Off-shore servicing centers – BIG-time FAIL!!

What’s been your experience with servicing centers?  I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Linda Scanlan says: of my biggest peeves as well!! One (biggest in US) telephone company gives you the option to speak to someone who “speaks English”. What a joke!! It’s just another off-shore company with a person you STILL can’t understand who can’t stray from the script.

    Hacks me off!!!!

    • This just really frosts me when it happens, and to have it happen twice in a short period time – just had to write this post!

      I really detest those scripts, and it’s clearly scripted, too. If you ask someone off their script, they don’t know what to do, and that certainly isn’t servicing me, or anyone else either.

  2. Ann when I make a phone call or get a phone call from someone that clearly English is a second language I always request to speak to someone who is in the United States. I don’t want them to get paid to talk on the phone to me. Sometimes they tell me that I will have to wait until someone calls me back. I say okay have someone who pays taxes in the U.S. call me. I’ve never waited long and got a phone call.

    • Nanette – I’ll have to try that next time it happens. I hadn’t thought to do that, but I did keep asking to speak to a supervisor, and the one that I got wasn’t of any help at all. I like the idea of having someone call back who pays taxes in the US……

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