The New Hampshire Primary From An Independent’s Perspective

NH State Seal

The NH polls have closed and it’s just about 2 hours since the voting polls were closed for the New
Hampshire, “First in the Nation Primary”, and the networks are predicting McCain
to be the Republican winner.

I just watched Rudy Giuliani concede, and now Mitt Romney is doing the same –
both were done most graciously.

The Democratic winner likely won’t be called until later on because right
now, 9pm, it’s just too close to call.  Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are neck
and neck.

Did you know just about 40% of all the registered voters in NH are
registered Independents?  It’s that state motto of “Live Free or Die”!

I’m a registered Independent myself.  And it’s been said all week long, and
especially today that the vast majority of those Independents didn’t make up
their minds firmly until they got to the voting polls.  And I’ll admit to being
one of those, surprisingly enough.

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