New Hampshire Primary ~ I Can’t Wait For the Phone Calls to STOP!!

New Hampshire Welcome Sign - Ann Cummings

those of you who are political junkies, I’m sure you’d love being part
of what goes on here in New Hampshire during every election

The New Hampshire political scene does get the blood flowing, but not always in a good way……   

Being the home of the “First in the Nation Primary“,
we get to see all the candidates up front and in person.  We can
see them, touch them, hear them just about everywhere we go almost from
the moment the campaigning begins.  And as we get closer to the
primaries, you can’t help but literally run into candidates of both
parties all over the state in all of our cities and towns, large and
small.  And don’t forget all the media trailing them to get
whatever scoop, missteps, mistakes, etc. any of them make.

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  1. Jay Valento [Visitor] says:

    Ann Cummings for President…when they call, just tell them that you
    want to be president and you will gladly receive any donations that
    they want to give you…lol.

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