AMERICA – Land of the Free, Thanks to Our VETERANS

AMERICA – Land of the Free, Thanks to Our VETERANS

US FlagToday, November 11th, is Veterans Day………and
I want to say thank you to each and every veteran in
our great country, and to all of our current military members all
over the world.  We live in a fabulous country, where we’re free
to do and say and be whatever we want, and for those freedoms, we have
our proud military members, past – present – future, to thank. 

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

ABC’s “World News Tonight”, did a story some time ago on their “Person of the Week”. Their selection  that week was a man named Earl Morse.
He was chosen because of what he’s doing for our WWII Veterans.
This is the man who began what has come to be known as the “
Honor Flights“.  These flights take veterans to Washington, DC, to see the WW II Memorial dedicated to them and their service to our country.

He started the first flight taking one veteran he had met in a
hospital, and he soon became inundated with applications from other
veterans to be part of his flight.  The Honor Flights
were started 3 years ago.  The veterans fly for free, and
their “Guardians” pay for their own flights to accompany and assist
these great people to be able to see this Memorial before it’s too late
for them to see it.  One of my sisters and her husband, Karen and Ken Rogers, have served as Guardians for these flights out of the Dayton, Ohio area.

*** Nov 12th – I am editing this post to include a link to a segment on the “Honor Flights” that “Good Morning America” did on their show this morning.  Please check out this link to see some WWII Veterans’ reactions to seeing this grand Memorial dedicated to them.

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