Portsmouth NH Real Estate – Spring Really is Coming!!

Spring in Portsmouth New Hampshire!

Today is the first day of spring, and here in Portsmouth NH, we are so ready
for it! I know I certainly am!

Our snow is gone, and I’m really hoping we get no more, or none that lasts
long at all. Pretty soon, we’ll begin seeing the first little spring plants and
flowers burst forth, proving to us that spring is here, even though we have the
calendars that tell us so.

I thought, to celebrate today’s arrival of the first day of spring here in
the New Hampshire Maine Seacoast, I’d share some pictures that show what’s to come, and to get us
in the spring spirit – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Spring Daffodils in Greenland NH Daffodils in North Hampton NH Daffodils
These are pictures of daffodils I took in different areas
around the NH Seacoast last year……

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  1. At first I thought it was in bloom NOW. I was like wow, Spring
    came early in N.H. We are suppose to get snow on Friday night. Happy

  2. The azaleas are out here and the yards have never looked
    nicer.  I love when the spring flower are in bloom.  The
    smell of orange blossoms are in the air as well.  Soon to follow
    will be the Magnolia.  I love the South and all it’s flowering
    seasons.  I remember as a child in the North and seeing forsythia
    and daffodills poking out from a light layer of snow. 

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