Midwest Living Magazine Logo I was reading a copy of Midwest Living Magazine, and came across a small little article that was titled, “Midwest Metros Get Green“.  The title caught my eye, so I read a little more….


This article was talking about
cities that had been ranked as being among the most ‘sustainable’ in
America.  To be considered ‘sustainable’, the group
who did the ranking looked at public transportation, local food
sources, energy usage, water and air quality, park space, walkability,
and more.  Other factors they looked at, in the event of how well
a city can perform in the face of emergencies, was energy crisis
preparedness and natural disaster risk. is the group that did this ranking
In addition to the above factors, they also took into consideration the
quality of building done in the area – green buildings, clean
technology development, quality of life in areas, and city planning and

The highest ranked city for 2006
was Portland Oregon, due to their high quality of life factors, the
involvement of a high number of residents in city policy and planning,
as well as a number of other factors.  Portland’s motto is, “It’s Not Easy Being Green“.

Other cities that ranked highly
were: San Francisco in second place; Seattle; Chicago, Oakland, New
York City, and Boston.  Boston was the only city here in New
England that made this list.  Denver continues to garner
accolades, just as they did on America’s Smartest Cities survey
awhile back.  I would have thought Portland Maine would have made
it, but their name wasn’t mentioned.  Burlington Vermont is
another New England city that seems to me should have been on that list
as well.

I was disappointed that they
didn’t do any type of rankings for smaller cities and/or towns. 
Perhaps next time, I guess!  If they had, I’m sure we would have
seen several New Hampshire towns on that list, including Portsmouth New Hampshire
We would rank pretty highly on a number of the factors they took a look
at, especially on the walkablity – this is a terrific walking town;
park space – we have all kinds parks all over the town; and of course
our quality of life in Portsmouth and New Hampshire is just wonderful!

How did YOUR city fare?  Check out the list online to see!



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