Happy Thanksgiving From My House to Yours!

Thanksgiving Tidbits, Trivia, and Fun!

Thanksgiving Dog and Cat
Did you know that Thanksgiving actually began in the United Kingdom, as their Harvest Festival?
It was later brought to America by the early settlers, and from there
it became a much more important holiday than it had been

The first celebration in America took place in Plymouth in 1621 by the Pilgrims, which was actually a form of the UK’s Harvest Festival.  The first official Thanksgiving was actually in the Virginia Colony on December 4, 1619.  The first national Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by George Washington and celebrated on November 26, 1789.

Take a trip
with the Pilgrims and see how they made it to America, how they lived
once they got here, and what their Thanksgiving feasts were like back
in the 1600s.

Want to learn more about Thanksgiving and the history and lore behind it?  Take this quiz and see how you do!
Happy Turkey Day
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  1. As a history major, I read somewhere last week where Historians
    actually believe that the first Thanksgiving took place somewhere in

    As for the Virgiria Colony, most of what was Virgirina is now N.C.
    When the lost colony was founded, that was originally VA but now NC.

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