Christmas Memories and Fun Times!

Santa in His Sleigh
sisters and I grew up in the Air Force, and as such, we lived in
scattered places all over the country.  My earliest memories of tracking Santa are from when we lived in Idaho, on Mountain Home Air Force Base. 

We used to be able to turn on the TV and track Santa’s progress, and we could see how close he might be getting to our house.  And, of course, what that meant was, we needed to get to bed AND be asleep BEFORE he got to our house or he wouldn’t stop.  
My sisters and I really thought this was Santa’s path, and it would
work.  We’d jump in our beds and somehow manage to go to sleep so
Santa could arrive.

What we didn’t know then was that NORAD,
North American Aerospace Defense Command, actually did this every year
for the last 50 years.  Of course, back then, it came over our
TV.  Today, you can track it on your computer.  This is a fun
thing for kids to see…..might help you get them to bed sooner!!

As we got older, we’d mention this Santa tracking to friends who
hadn’t grown up in the Air Force, and they thought we were crazy, as
they’d never heard of it before.  Well, I came upon this last
year, and could finally prove that it really did exist. I might even watch his progress to my house this year, just for old times’ sake…..what great memories I have of this!

Here’s some other fun stuff, for kids of all ages!
Christmas at the White House with Barney, see the White House decorations with a tour from Barney, the first dog.
–Check out the North Pole, where you’ll find lots of fun stories for the kids to read as well as coloring pages.
–Here are some really cool games to play with Christmas themes – fun for all ages here.
–Read about the legend of the Christmas Spider…(and yes, this kind of spider would be welcomed even in MY house!!)  My mom gave me one of these years ago, and I still put it up on my tree each year (when I have a tree, that is!)

Want to make a snowglobe?   Here’s one you can make online and send your friends.  Or try this ‘recipe‘ for a real one that your kids will have fun making.

Animated Christmas Tree
Want to know all kinds of questions about Christmas – what, why, who, etc.?  Here’s the symbolism of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Want to know how to say “Merry Christmas” in other languages?  Here’s a site to teach you just that.

Dummer BoyWho doesn’t LOVE Christmas music??  My favorite Christmas song is “The Little Drummer Boy“, and I love many others, too.  As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a single one I don’t really love hearing!

I love Christmas stories!  Some favorites include: “Twas the Night Before Christmas“, “The Legend of the Candy Cane“; “The Gift of the Magi“;  “The Ornament on the Christmas Tree” and “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus:.

Check out all the interesting ways Christmas is celebrated around the world

There are so many things that symbolize Christmaspoinsettias; fruitcake; mistletoe; ornaments; and so much more.  Don’t forget about Santa Claus!  And all his reindeer that help him get all the way around the world in ONE night!!   How did gift-giving get started?

reindeer sleigh

Here’s some more fun things for the kids and grandkids, AND adults as well!!
 ~~  Stories, Games, and more   ~~   Christmas Quizzes   ~~   Christmas Trivia   ~~  More Games & Trivia  

I love Christmas!  Christmas means so many things to me, but most importantly, it means FAMILY to meMy 2003 Christmas Picturemom was born on Christmas Day…….a real Christmas baby.  This is our third Christmas without her, so Christmas’ have come to take on a
whole new meaning now.  My grandfather is no longer with us at
Christmas either.  This is our second Christmas without

We celebrate our family, our love for each other, and the tremendous gifts my mom and my grandfather gave us over our lives.

This is a picture from our last Christmas together – (from left to right) – this is my youngest sister Nancy, my mom, me, and my next-to-youngest sister Karen, as we were finishing up wrapping presents.

May you celebrate your family and friends at this wonderful time of the year! 

Red bow and hollyMy
wish to each and every one of you is for a wonderful Christmas holiday,
and to cherish and enjoy each moment you have with your loved ones and

Merry Christmas     

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