The holidays in New Hampshire and
Maine, and especially in the Portsmouth Seacoast areas is
really a wonderful time of year.  So much to do and see, and
a light dusting of snow on the ground…..all you need is some
beautiful Christmas and holiday music to round out the scene.

Here’s one of the classic holiday
favorites set to a video of beautiful Thomas Kinkade scenes from
his winter scenery paintings.  


If you love
Christmas and holiday music as much as I do, you’ll want to
make sure you mark some of these concerts I listed below down on
your schedule! Holiday concerts abound in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas right now!  

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  1. Clearwater Beach Real Estate [Visitor] says:

    Ann – thanks for sharing all this great info on upcoming Christmas
    Concerts – I find hearing the songs just puts me in a great
    mood – I too am a Thomas Kinkaide fan. – Can you believe Christmas is
    coming so soon?    

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