Portsmouth NH Homes – Top 3 Home Improvement Trends

Portsmouth NH Homes – Homeowner Improvement Trends

As a professional New Hampshire
, I frequently get asked questions about remodelling
homes.  Some potential home sellers go back and forth between
wanting to sell homes or making some home improvements and
staying put in their home.

Building a house

I’ve recently read several articles that talked about the top
home improvement trends for this year, and most of them
mentioned pretty much the same items. 

There are a number of websites that have some great home resource and project
planning information for all areas of your home – HGTV, Lowe’s, Service Magic, etc.

The top 3 home improvement areas that all the
articles talked about were:  

1) Super cutting-edge kitchen
– these aren’t necessarily stainless steel appliances,
but rather appliances that you see on TV or would imagine James Bond or the
Jetsons having.  Computerized refrigerators that have a screen to allow you to
access the internet and retrieve recipes for whatever foods are inside the
refrigerator – they think for you.  Ovens that lift up so you don’t have to do
heavy lifting of dishes, etc.  We already have the venting fans that rise up at
the push of a button, so why not ovens as well?  Ovens that use steam to heat
foods – keeps them juicier and better for us.           

2) Outdoor kitchens
– these seem to be all the rage in many places around the country.  It’s one
more way of bringing our living spaces outdoors and making them more functional
at the same time.  Entertaining outdoors is quite nice when everything you need
is right there in your outdoor kitchen – grill, outdoor refrigerator, sink,
etc.  I’ve seen everything from souped-up designer outdoor kitchens to the bare
basics, and everything in between.  It’s all about having living space outdoors
that’s functional and everyone ejoys using.

3) Green’
– we all want to live in a better, safer, cleaner
environment, and many have been doing their part to help achieve that for
several years.  Some ways we can all live with a little more green are by going
for Energy Star appliances when replacing current appliances, going for higher
efficiency windows when it’s time to replace your windows at home, recycling
more and more, etc.  There are inumerable ways to be more
environmentally-friendly and to use less energy, from collecting rainwater for
watering lawns and plants, to using canvas bags at the grocery stores, buying
organic and whole foods, using solar heat and windmills for harnassing power,

Boyd Road Portsmouth - Gorgeous Granite and Cherry Kitchen

you’re thinking about making any changes in or to your home, these are great
areas to concentrate on.  Home buyers in the Portsmouth homes and condos real estate market look
for a lot of these kinds of improvements and upgrades in the homes they look
for, and you’ll have a home that really shows some nice improvements for your
own lifestyle. 

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