Portsmouth NH Homeowners – Looking to Make Some Changes to Your Homes or Condos?

Portsmouth NH Homeowners – Looking to Make Some Changes to Your Homes or Condos?

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Every once in awhile, I look around my home and think about
making a few changes here and there. Change a little color here, rearrange some
space there, etc. If you’re thinking about how you can add a little spice to
your Portsmouth home, here are some interesting home trends
this year that might give you some inspiration:

  • Go Green – there
    are a huge variety of ways to implement eco-friendly living into our homes and
    condos. Flooring is a great example – look into bamboo flooring. It looks
    great, wears beautifully and is very easy to take care of. If you need new
    appliances, look for the “Energy Star” appliances.
    You can also get “Energy Star” windows and lighting products. Just as an aside,
    did you know that if you buy “Energy Star” products you may be eligible for tax
  • Room Design – if you watch
    the magazines and have opportunities to go through newer homes, you’ll find that
    many now have home-offices set up in them. Mud-rooms have become popular again
    as well. Take a hard look at the space in your home – would these work for you?
  • Color Splashes
    today’s popular colors in homes and condos are more earth-tones. Those colors
    cause one to feel calmer and more restful. When I’ve been showing a lot of
    homes and condos lately, those that seem to elicit the most positive responses
    from buyers are those colors that are more natural and soothing.
  • “Smart” Homes
    technology today makes all of our lives more productive, and that would also
    hold true in our homes as well. There are systems now that allow us to remotely
    operate lighting systems, alarm systems, monitor heating systems, and more. I
    have a lighting system in my own home that allows me to turn on certain lights
    when I pull into the driveway, turn them off, or set them to different types of
    settings in groups for entertaining, etc.

    Shiny Polished Faucets

    These are just a few of the trends that we’re
    seeing this year and going into next year. For more ideas, check out the “Hot Trends for 2008 and Beyond” tips from Lowes. Some great
    ideas can be found in their trends information.

If you’re looking to make some improvements around your home – inside and/or
outside, here are some additional articles with ideas that might help you:

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