Dealing with Asbestos in NH Homes

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Asbestos in The Home

Asbestos in The Home

Asbestos was used throughout the 20th century in construction applications because of its resistance to heat, fire and other deteriorating conditions.  There are many things to consider in the real estate industry, especially when homes built before 1980 maintain a strong chance of containing asbestos.

It should be known that not all asbestos is considered harmful.  It is suggested for home owners that suspect asbestos, to leave it un-disturbed. Sometimes, the best action is to just leave it alone.

Resident of New Hampshire should be aware that frequent or long term exposure to inhalable asbestos fibers may cause health concerns such as asbestosis or mesothelioma, a rare form of asbestos lung cancer.  The great majority of asbestos health hazards come over a long time of being exposed to large amounts or to frequent exposure over many years.  Most times evidence of some health concerns may appear 20 to 50 years later.

The amount of asbestos-related incidents in the country over the last century has resulted in mesothelioma attorney firms advocating and protecting victim’s individual rights.  Asbestos industries have been heavily scrutinized for concealing information and not informing the public on the dangers associated with asbestos.  Asbestos exposure does not always lead to a related illness, but this cover-up lead to hundreds of thousands of people being wrongfully exposed.

Removal in public facilities, homes and workplaces must be undertaken by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor.  The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services installed a program aimed at the prevention and proper disposal of asbestos.  They provide an immense library of information that all involved in real estate should consider.

Once the removal is complete, healthy alternatives should be considered as replacement to asbestos. These options include cotton fiber, lcynene foam and cellulose. Due to these recycled materials, waste is decreasing in crowded landfills. Proper insulation will save you on annual energy bills up to 25 percent. As education and technology of green sustainable practices increase, the numbers will continue to rise. These asbestos alternatives allow for a clean, healthy home, free of health damaging materials.

— This  article was submitted by Allan Marrero of the Mesothelioma Cancer Center in an effort to make people more aware of asbestos. For additional information, please be sure to click on the links provided.

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