The Sounds of Home in Portsmouth NH

Have you ever listened to your hometown?  I mean REALLY LISTENED to see what you can hear? 

Prescott Park Bench and Flowers

I have, and I realized that all the sounds of being home in Portsmouth NH can tug hard at your heart……



              if you just listen….. 






…. the crack of a baseball hitting a bat
…. the cheering of friends and family from the stands
…. the ringing of bicycle bells
…. the barking of dogs playing outside
…. the friendly hellos from porches
…. the click-click-click of lawn sprinklers
…. the clip-clop of horse-and-buggy tours 
…. the sound of lawns being cut
…. the symphony of birds singing
…. the sounds of fishing boats heading out to sea
…. the sounds of drawbridges being raised for boats to pass down the river
…. the toots and horns of tugboats
…. the hum of chatter at outdoor cafes
…. the soft clanging of bell buoys in the harbor
…. the water flowing into the North Mill Pond at high tide
…. the honk of a car signaling hello to neighbors
…. the calls for kids to come in for dinner
…. the friendly exchanges at the Farmer’s Market

Tug Alley Too Tugboat

These are the sounds of the neighborhoods of Portsmouth New Hampshire, the wonderful town I call home.  And what glorious sounds they are……



Does this sound like the kind of place you’d like to call home?  It can be!  And I can help you do just that – call Portsmouth NH home…..





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  1. Ann- the things we call home, love it. While reading this I could hear the sounds, and as I listened I tried to visualize as well. Portsmouth, New Hampshire sounds like a divine place to live.

    • Kathy – Portsmouth really is ‘a divine place to live’ as you put it. And each time I read this post, I very vividly hear each of those sounds, and they are so much home to me.

  2. Nice, I find myself going to places just to hear the sounds… I like this article.

  3. I feel the same way – listening to the “Ducks” drive into the water on Lake Union in Seattle, hearing the boats sounding the alert to bring up the University bridge, there are some great sounds that remind you of home right away.

    • Aren’t those the greatest sounds to hear – the sounds of home…… We have 2 draw bridges here and we have alerts that sound off like yours, too. Lucky to live with water around us.


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