AT HOME in Newmarket New Hampshire

Welcome to Newmarket NH

is a former mill town in the inland part of Rockingham County.
The current population is about 9100 residents, including a number of
students attending the University of NH in Durham, which is the next town over.

Newmarket is the home to former Olympian Lynn Jennings.  Lynn was
a bronze medalist in the 1992 Women’s Track and Field team.
Residents here are quite proud of their tie to the Olympics
through native Lynn Jennings.Newmarket NH Town Seal

Although inland a ways from the
ocean, Newmarket was a major player in the shipping trade industry for
New England for trading and shipping with the West Indies in the mid to
late 1700’s.  From the 1800’s into the 1920’s, Newmarket played a
huge role in the textile industries.

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